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Pete Ferrell

Pete is completing his Masters in Clinical Mental Health from the College of William & Mary. He has a Masters degree in International Studies and has spent more than a decade in S.E. Asia working alongside communities overcoming poverty and oppression. Pete believes that the keys to wholeness lie within you.


Through a therapeutic relationship you will find support and resources to address your challenges and engage in a process of growth and healing that will move you toward living your authentic self. This process may explore your past while focusing on your present experience as you enhance your self-awareness and build toward greater well-being. Pete has familiarity in working with depression, anxiety, burn-out, relational issues, cross-cultural adjustment, and spirituality.


Pete works with 

  • Adults

  • Adolescents

  • Couples


Pete uses a variety of approaches including 

  • Rogerian human centered approach

  • Attachment & emotion focused therapy

  • Transpersonal approach

  • Solutions focused therapy

  • Narrative Therapy

  • Mindfulness

Pete is a student intern working toward his Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health from the College of William & Mary. As part of his internship Pete will be offering low-fee and pro bono services to those who are under insured or uninsured.

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