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Yoenia "Jojo" Bestard
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Yoenia (Jojo) is a highly qualified and experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a strong educational background. She earned her Master's of Science in Social Work from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in 2020, where she specialized in Direct practice with Latino individuals, families, and groups.

With several years of experience in the social service field in Central Florida, Yoenia has developed expertise in working with children and families who have experienced trauma. Her approach is client-centered, recognizing the impact of trauma on individuals and families and incorporating trauma-sensitive interventions in her practice.

Yoenia's therapeutic approach providing a safe and supportive environment for clients to express themselves, develop coping skills, identify unhealthy cognitive patterns, and gain insights to improve their well-being.

She works collaboratively with her clients to address issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, burn out, post-partum depression, mood swings, and other related concerns, while respecting their unique cultural backgrounds. Her cultural competence and sensitivity, particularly in working with Latino individuals, families, and groups, allows her to effectively understand and address the specific needs and challenges of her clients.

Yoenia works with:

  • Children

  • Adolescents

  • Adults

Yoenia specializes in addressing:

  • Individuals with past trauma (abuse survivors, domestic violence survivors, PTSD)

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Major life transitions & adjustments

  • Bipolar Disorder

Jojo is contracted with Allies in Wellness and is currently available to see new clients via telehealth. Jojo accepts clients using Aetna Better Health, Cigna, and self-paying clients.



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