Individual Therapy

Individual therapy services are available for pre-teen, adolescent and adult clients looking to increase self-esteem and coping skills; better manage anxiety, depression, and mood; and heal from trauma.

Family Therapy

This service is available to those looking for parenting education and skills development and families looking to increase knowledge, support, and acceptance as the family unit transitions.

Gender Therapy

Rebecca is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who received her Board Certification as a Transgender Care Therapist in 2019. She has worked closely with transgender and gender variant pre-teens, adolescents, and adults over the past 6 years. Following the WPATH Standards of Care, she has supported clients through the transition process, those managing gender dysphoria symptoms, and others exploring and questioning gender.

Services Cont.

Gender Support & Consultation

Allies in Wellness offers a supportive consultation service for individuals who are in need of documentation to support their transition, such as, carry letters, letters for hormone replacement therapy, and gender affirming procedures.


Telehealth (online counseling and consultation) is available to clients located anywhere; however, Rebecca is only licensed in the state of Florida. Depending upon the service provided and insurer, insurance reimbursement may be available for Florida residents.


As we expand the practice, we will look to add support and therapeutic groups.

Image by Eneida Hoti